Sawab and Inspiration

Sawab & Inspiration

One of the last extensions which I’ve working on for JAIDE company located in Germany, more details about its services.


Open an empty and see today’s prayer times for your location as well as the time left for the next prayer.

Enjoy a different Islam-themed background image every day, a description of it and a link to the source of the image as well as the current time.


– This extension available for Chrome and Firefox users.
– Get today’s prayer times based on your location.
– An Islam-themed backgrounds imges every day, description of the current image and the source of this image.
– TODO list feature. (New version)
– Hadith quotes in every new tab opened. (New version)
– You may also choose between different methods of calculating the prayer times:
1 = Egyptian General Authority of Survey
2 = Univ. Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Shafi)
3 = Univ. Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (Hanafi)
4 = Islamic Circle of North America
5 = Muslim World League
6 = Umm Al-Qura
7 = Fixed Isha

Sawab & Inspiration

Sawab & Inspiration

Sawab & Inspiration

Sawab & Inspiration


Download it from Google Chrome Store: Sawab & Inspiration

Download it from Firefox store: Sawab & Inspiration

Privacy page(German): JAIDE


New in version 1.1

*) TODO list feature to remember your important tasks you have to do (Firefox and Chrome).
*) Random Hadith in every new tab (Firefox and Chrome).
*) Bug fixes and improvments (Firefox and Chrome).

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