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If you have questions about any of the points, which I will talk about below, please e-mail me through the form “Contact Us“, do not be shy to do so!

– Like any existing site in this virtual internet city, the website gathers some of visitors information such as the state and topics which read and movements performed by the inside blog, the information is not shared with any third party which fall under the privacy policy the company Google.

– The visitor can follow the latest posts via publishing service via e-mail, e-mail will not be published and will not be used in any means other than advertising blog content only.

– This website is using Google Ads “Google Adsense Program” and apply Google’s privacy policy,  as follows – click here -.

– If you’re worried about cookies you can disable them depending on your browser settings, here’s a link to help.

– If this website will use any other third parties i’ll announce you and put their privacy policy to be aware.

– Some posts here may contain external links as links to other blogs or sites containing other parties collect data about you, i can’t do anything with what other sites doing.

– All software products displayed in this website are personal products not allowed to promote it or sell it using your personal name.

– Any software products may use ads system(internally), like chrome extensions as example, please read the extension or product page about this ads and what kind of data will collect (IF).

– In the Contact Us form will be dealing with all data provided by you on the basis that they are confidential.


Last Update: 6-10-2014

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