PalmMix Project

Palm Mix

Palm Mix project one of Omega for consultation and development Co.’s projects.

I’ve designed the website of Palmmix and all related things so far, now there are other designs will be published soon, but this time not from me 😀


The full project is live on Behance: Click Here


Palm Mix: medicine erectile dysfunction, memory tonic, useful for pregnant women and helps to generate milk, helps to recover from anemia and osteoporosis…


Palmmix Project


Palmmix now available in Gaza so far.


Product homemade as “Palmmix” a product is 100% natural contains the elements necessary as food integrated children and the entire family members were the work of all the necessary tests to prove the benefits of its addition to the possibility of trading locally, regionally and internationally.

And being the work of all necessary licenses duly both the Gaza Strip and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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